Top 20 text animation alight motion Xml and preset

Top 20 Text AnimationTop 20 Text Animation

Hello everyone today i will help you to edit video today i will give you 20 text animation you can make alight motion alli lyrics video editing very easy because i will give you 20 Preset and Xml link which are trending there today. You can download it and also download the XML for you to download it

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Follow as below


Scroll Down for 20 Text Animations Download

You can import Top 20 Xml And Preset firstly click on the below link and it will go to alight motion application and it will ask import you click on it and it will download then it will import then after import you can use it very simple

How to download XML file

Click on the xml file link given below and download it and you can open it in file manager there click on share there alight motion application will come click on it and it will import to that application you can import in this way

How to use alight motion top 20 Text Animation When you go to edit any lyrics video, you need to give text animation, if you feel a little difficult to put it, open the XML or preset I have given, there are several animations there, copy the effect you want, then you can edit. Open the project where you have written and paste that effect to all the text you have written and you can easily animate the text Thanks to all

Top 20 Text Animation download link 👇

Xml file link 👉 Download

Preset link 👉 Download

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