How to earn more money from Youtube

How to earn more money from Youtube

Hi Friends Hello Friends What I have told you in today’s blog is how you can earn more money from YouTube in a very simple way friends.

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How to make money from youtube

Friends YouTube has set many conditions to earn money from YouTube which are as follows

Friends YouTube has set four conditions for you to make money from YouTube, the first of which is that you have to create a YouTube channel and complete 1000 subscribers.

YouTube Second Condition You have to turn on Youtube Channel Two Step Verification

If your channel doesn’t have any community guidelines, you can’t make money from it

So you have to complete 4000 Watch Hours Watch Hours means every video you uploaded on YouTube must have received 4000 hours of views.

Above four conditions are laid down to earn money from YouTube, after you complete these fully you will not get paid.

Once you complete these you will be complying with YouTube policies

So you have to apply for YouTube Monetization to earn money from YouTube

You will receive a notification within a week or two of working after you apply

If you are eligible to earn money then good news for you guys

If you have a problem with your channel, you have received bad news

Good news for you guys, you can earn money on YouTube from now on

If you want to earn more money in earning money then you should upload daily videos daily and also give proper title and tag and description.

Guys if you follow these above rules you can earn more money from YouTube

Thank you

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