Color grading effect video editing .02

Color grading effect video editingColor grading effect video editing

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Today I will tell you how to edit a whatsapp status and provide you some photos and beat mark project and color grinding effect project link to edit it you can use them.

Beat Mark Project

Click on the beat mark project given below it will go to your alight motion application and it will ask to import click on it it will download then import you need import mod to edit it guys

Beat Mark

Cc Effect Project

Friends this effect after you edit the video and apply it there it will look like salpa hd and make the video smooth friends here is the link you can import it by clicking on it friends

Cc Effect

Friends you first download alight motion application and install it open it and login it from your gmail accounts friends and open the beat mark project given by me copy the photo effect below and delete it and put the photo you need to edit and apply the effect to it Paste it, open the group again, put the same photo there, then put an audio player photo, put the chromo key effect on it, select the black color, go to color effect alli, copy the effect layer, then paste it in the beat mark project. Serve the video

alight motion application how to download and install

Friends first open your telegram account search my channel name Pb editing studio I have a already pinned alight motion application link you can click download now and install

Thank you all

By Aadmi

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