Alight Motion Video Editing In KannadAlight Motion Video Editing In Kannada

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I will tell you how to create Instagram trending video very easily. Videos edited with clips and lyrics are getting a lot of views.

Friends, read the article given below to know how to edit videos in the same way

Friends, below are many types of material links that you need to create this type of video, you can use them to create a beautiful video, friends.

You need to download an app called alight motion from play store app to create this type of video

Friends you need to download many video clips related to video to create video

Friends you can use Pinterest app to download video clips that app has many types of photos and video clips.

Friends you can choose a song to edit and download matching video clips and photos.

You open the alight motion app first put a song in it and put video clips as per the song and also put the lyrics in alcohol.

After you add the video clips and lyrics then import the shake effect project that I have given below where you can use the effects that I have given you guys.

If you don’t know how to use effects, first download the project below, copy the given effect to the text and paste it into the lyrics you typed in the project you are editing.

Just as you pasted the effect to the lyrics as above, copy the effect to the video, then open the project you are editing and paste the effect to the video clips you placed there.

After you edit the video like this, export it guys

Thank you all. Visit our page to learn more editing like this and share with your friends

~» Beat Mark Preset Link.

~» Shake Effect Preset Link.

~» Beat Mark Xml Link.

~» Shake Effect Xml Link.

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